The Robbinsville Township Police Department is currently undergoing a large step towards excellence in policing, called Accreditation.  Becoming an accredited agency is voluntary and shows an agency’s commitment to policing with the best practices set forth through approximately 60 policies, procedures and standards.

In addition, agencies are required to prove they’re following the standards during an examination by the New Jersey State Association of Chief’s of Police.  Over the years, these standards have been proven to reduce liability, increase proficiency, provide transparency and create a stronger bond with the community.

It is well known that for many years the members of the Robbinsville Township Police Department have strived towards excellence in policing along with generating meaningful relationships with the citizens and business owners of Robbinsville Township.  Becoming an accredited agency will demonstrate the Robbinsville Township Police Department’s continued commitment to the community and State of New Jersey.

I invite you to read the attached Power Point which provides a much more in-depth explanation of the accreditation process.  If you have any further inquiries, please direct them to the Accreditation Manager, Lt. William Swanhart at

-Michael K. Polaski

Chief of Police

Accreditation Overview Power Point