Communications Division

The Robbinsville Township Police Department Communications Division is staffed by 7 full time state certified Public Safety Telecommunicators(Dispatchers). Dispatchers handle all non-emergency calls as well as all 911 calls for Robbinsville Township. The main function of the Communications Division is to receive calls for assistance from the public and then dispatch the appropriate emergency service. Dispatchers keep in constant radio contact with the officers in the field, directing and supporting calls for service. The Communications Division dispatches all police, fire, and emergency medical services in Robbinsville.

Their responsibilities further include having to update and retrieve information from a variety of computer systems, process requests for information regarding vehicle registration, driving records and warrants, as well as provide pertinent data and information to field officers.

All the Telecommunicators are certified by the State of New Jersey in Basic 911 Telecommunications, Emergency Medical Dispatching, and CPR. Through the use of specialized equipment, they are able to communicate with the hearing-impaired, as well as having access to interpreters in any language. They are trained to access various local, state, and national databases, as well as motor vehicle records.