Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU)

The primary function of Criminal Investigations Unit is to conduct follow-up investigations of
reported crimes. These investigations consist of interviewing suspects, victims, and witnesses;
analyzing information for validity, reliability, and accuracy; and compiling a comprehensive and
factual case file to be presented in court. Detectives are also tasked with crime analysis,
surveillance in areas of criminal activity, the monitoring and maintenance of registered sex
offenders, and intelligence gathering.

The Criminal Investigations Unit is also responsible for the receiving, processing, storing and
purging of property/evidence collected by officers during the course of their duties. The
integrity of the chain-of-custody and the integrity of the evidence/property room are critical for
the successful prosecution of criminal cases.

The Criminal Investigations Unit is also tasked with conducts all police and communication
officer recruit, police employee employment background investigations and conducting all
background checks for those seeking firearm identification cards, handgun permits and/or
permits to carry applications. As well as investigations related to the application of retail liquor