Juvenile Liaison Officer

The Juvenile Liaison Officer (JLO / formerly known as a Juvenile Officer) oversees juvenile matters for the department.  These Officers are familiar with local resources and community-based programs available to assist juveniles and their families, are well-versed in the various diversionary programs available to divert youth from the Juvenile Justice System, and are tasked with staying up-to-date on legislative changes and changes to policy and procedure regarding Juvenile Justice Reform (New Jersey Attorney General “Juvenile Justice Reform” Directive 2020-12).  Furthermore, they are tasked with building partnerships with non-profit and government-run community organizations to assist with supervising stationhouse adjustment agreements.

If you would like to contact our Juvenile Liaison Officer, his contact information is as follows:

Officer Edward Vincent # 548
email: edwardv@robbinsville.net
phone: 609-259-3900